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Jazz By The Cove, Sentosa Music Fest 2023
Photo: Jazz By The Cove, Sentosa Music Fest 2023

Sentosa Music Fest 2023 presents Jazz By The Cove across 6 themed nights at the beautiful Sentosa Cove. From soulful ballads to energetic grooves, each set unfolds like a unique musical tapestry, with unforgettable memories to be created.

Opening with Malaysia’s Jazz Queen Sheila Majid, the line-up will surely excite all Jazz-lovers in Singapore. There will even be a Japan Jam night with the iconic Tokyo Groove Jyoshi and Chili Girl.

Not to mention, Jazz By The Cove will close with an ALL-STARS JAM, where Jeremy Monteiro, Giacomo, Toshiki and Tokyo Groove Jyoshire, turns to the stage with the Jazz Association Singapore Orchestra (JASSO), ensuring an unforgettable musical experience for all.

8 December 2023: Opening Night

  • Jazz-Blues Brothers: Jeremy Monteiro, Alberto Marsico.
  • Sheila Majid

9 December 2023: Singapore Sax Scene

  • Duncan McKee’s Trio
  • Sinclair and the Jazz Kids
  • Sax in the City: Teo Boon Chai, Sean Hong Wei, Nicole Duffell

10 December 2023: Ladies of Jazz

  • Miss Lou
  • Alemay Fernandez
  • Michelle Poh

15 December 2023: International Affair

  • Giacomo Turra

16 December 2023: Japan Jam

  • Soejima Toshiki and Nahokimama
  • Shinobu Kawashima (Chili Girl)
  • Tokyo Groove Jyoshi

17 December 2023: ALL STARS Jam

  • Jeremy Monteiro and Jazz Association Singapore Orchestra (JASSO)

Sentosa Music Fest 2023

Date: 8-10; 15 -17 December 2023

Time: 7PM – 9PM

Location: Sentosa Cove

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