In this month’s curated list of recommendations for the ideal date night, we’re excited to introduce two new additions to Singapore’s dining scene. Well, one of them isn’t entirely new. The first is a fresh take on the well-known Timbre, situated along the picturesque Singapore River, with an all-new Singapore-inspired upscale menu. The second is a brand-new bar, part of the esteemed PS.Cafe group, offering a delightful array of cocktails featuring their own Verandah Gin.

Here, we present the 5 most romantic restaurants in Singapore for your perfect date night with your partner this month.

1. Timbre Signatures

Photo: Timbre Signatures

Looking for the perfect romantic setting with a touch of local charm? Look no further than Timbre Signatures, a riverside gem located by the Singapore River. Timbre has undergone a remarkable transformation, now known as Timbre Signatures, and it’s more enchanting than ever.

In addition to the live music and riverside setting, the revamped menu starts celebrates rich local flavours, such as the Kaya Croissant with Seared Foie Gras ($32), a delightful twist on our favourite breakfast classic and their Char-Grilled Pork Satay ($18), served with a crispy risotto cake.

And what’s a romantic dinner without cocktails? Timbre Signatures offers a range of curated and iconic Singapore-themed cocktails, including No Chilli, Tak Siok, Bugis Pirates, and Singapore Bling; all priced at $20. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic evening with your partner, where the ambiance and flavors come together to create an unforgettable experience.

Timbre Signatures

Address: 1 Old Parliament Lane, #01-04 The Arts House, 179429

2. Verandah Bar

Photo: PS.Cafe

When it comes to finding the perfect spot for a romantic date night in Singapore, the newly opened Verandah Bar, nestled in the attic of PS.Cafe Ann Siang Hill, offers an enchanting escape right in the heart of the city.

What makes Verandah Bar a standout choice for couples is the stunning view of Chinatown from its expansive indoor lounge and rooftop deck. It’s the ideal setting to bask in the moonlight while enjoying an array of delicious cocktails and spirits. Speaking of which, their cocktail menu features the brand’s own Verandah Gin, such as their signature Verandah Fizz ($21), combining exotic flavours like coconut, lemongrass, pandan leaves, lemon peel, and fragrant spices

And if you’re planning to nibble on something while you enjoy your evening, the Verandah Bar offers a mouthwatering menu of bar bites in PS.Cafe’s signature comfort food style such as the Truffle Shoestring Fries and Crispy Seafood Basket.

Verandah Bar

Address: Level 3 of PS.Cafe at Ann Siang Hill, 45 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069719.

3. Open Farm Community

Photo: Open Farm Community / Facebook

Yearning for a romantic escape from the city’s hustle and bustle? Open Farm Community is a hidden gem nestled deep within the serene Minden Road. This charming café promises an enchanting farm-to-table experience that’s perfect for couples seeking a tranquil and intimate setting.

What sets Open Farm Community apart is its dedication to the farm-to-table concept, showcasing locally-sourced vegetables and herbs cultivated right on their urban farm in the backyard. As you step into this haven, you’ll be greeted by a lush landscape that evokes a sense of calm and connection with nature — ideal for kindling or rekindling romance.

For those leisurely weekend brunches, Open Farm Community offers a delectable array of dishes designed for sharing. Indulge in their Garden Vegetable Platter ($22), a vibrant medley of fresh vegetables that change with the seasons, celebrating the best nature has to offer. Alternatively, opt for the Granola Bowl ($18) for a light, yet satisfying choice.

The allure of Open Farm Community extends to its al fresco dining area, which boasts a pet-friendly atmosphere, ensuring your furry companions can also partake in your special moments. Planning to bask in the open air while enjoying your meal? Remember to call ahead, at least three weeks in advance, to secure a reservation for this coveted spot.

Open Farm Community

Address: 130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819

4. Juu Ichi Izakaya

Photo: Juu Ichi Izakaya / Instagram

For new parents looking for an intimate and authentic dining experience that won’t break the bank, consider Juu Ichi.

While izakayas are often associated with casual dining, Juu Ichi elevates the experience with hearty Japanese fare, perfect for a cosy date night. What’s remarkable is that you can enjoy a satisfying meal for as little as $20 per person, making it a budget-friendly option for couples.

Highlights on Juu Ichi’s menu include their range of Yakitori, starting at just $2.8 per stick, ensuring you get a taste of Japan’s street food culture right here in Singapore. Be sure to try their Soft-Shell Crab ($18) and Surume Ika ($20) as well.

But, what truly sets Juu Ichi apart is its immersive ambience. The restaurant’s decor creates an authentic izakaya atmosphere that transports you straight to Japan.

Juu Ichi Izakaya

Address: 11 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557263

5. Bochinche

Photo: Bochinche / Facebook

When it comes to planning a romantic date night in Singapore, Bochinche has to be on your list. This modern Argentinian cocina offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for couples looking to savour delicious food in a fun setting.

You’ll embark on a voyage of bold flavours, presented through unique cuts of meat curated from Argentina, Spain, and Japan. Their specials include the Homemade Beef Chorizo On Toast ($31) and Ox Tongue Carpaccio ($28). However, the real star here is their charcoal griller, allowing them to showcase the traditional Asado technique. Don’t miss the ‘Black Label’ Tenderloin ($85), a masterpiece that promises an explosion of flavours and tenderness.


Address: 27 Club St, Singapore 069413

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