As new parents, creating a safe home environment for our little one is our top priority, that’s why we need to childproof our home before the baby is born.

What is childproofing?

Childproofing is the process of making a home safe for infants and young children by identifying and mitigating potential hazards. Childproofing also entails creating a nurturing environment where children can explore and learn without encountering dangers that could harm them. By taking proactive steps to childproof the home, parents can provide a secure space where their children can thrive and develop safely.

When and how do I start to childproof my home?

It’s a good idea to start childproofing your home before your baby becomes mobile, usually around 6 to 8 months of age. However, it’s never too early to begin thinking about safety measures. You can start by conducting a thorough assessment of your home for potential hazards and gradually implementing safety measures as needed. Childproofing can be done by implementing various safety measures to prevent accidents and injuries, such as securing furniture, covering electrical outlets, and installing safety gates. As your baby grows and becomes more mobile, you can continue to update and refine your childproofing efforts to ensure their safety as they explore their environment. Here are the tips and tricks to child proof your home:

  1. Get down to your child’s level: When childproofing your home, it’s helpful to get down on the floor and view your surroundings from your child’s perspective. This allows you to identify potential hazards that may not be immediately apparent from an adult’s height.
  2. Use corner guards: Install corner guards on sharp furniture edges, such as coffee tables and countertops, to prevent injuries from accidental bumps and falls. Foam or rubber corner guards are inexpensive and easy to install, providing added protection for your child.
  3. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home is crucial for alerting and protecting your family from fire and carbon monoxide exposure. Remember to test these detectors monthly and replace the batteries as needed to ensure they remain functional.
  4. Cover electrical outlets and secure loose cords: Children are naturally curious and love to explore by sticking their fingers and toys into small spaces, including electrical outlets. To prevent accidents, babyproof your electrical outlets by using outlet covers. Additionally, keep electrical cords out of sight and securely fastened to prevent tripping hazards and reduce the risk of electrical injuries.
  5. Anchor heavy appliances: Secure heavy appliances such as televisions, microwaves, and dishwashers to prevent tipping accidents. Use wall mounts or safety straps to anchor appliances securely to the wall or floor, reducing the risk of injury to your child.
  6. Invest in door stoppers and safety gates: Install door stoppers or door guards to prevent little fingers from getting pinched or slammed in doors. Once your baby becomes mobile, safety gates become essential tools for babyproofing your home, particularly around stairs. Install safety gates at both the top and bottom of staircases to prevent falls.
  7. Prevent slipping: If you have slippery floors or stairs in your home, consider carpeting them or adding non-slip mats to reduce the risk of falls. Additionally, discourage your child from walking or running on slippery surfaces while wearing socks, which can increase the likelihood of accidents.
  8. Remove choking hazards: Regularly scan your home, especially the floor and low-lying areas, for small items that could pose a choking hazard to your child. Keep small objects such as coins, buttons, beads, and toys with small parts out of reach to prevent accidental ingestion.
  9. Create designated play areas: Designate specific areas of your home as safe play zones for your child, equipped with age-appropriate toys and activities. This helps to contain playtime activities and minimizes the need for constant supervision in other areas of the house.
  10. Invest in baby monitor: Baby monitors can be incredibly helpful tools for parents, especially during the early stages of childproofing. Baby monitors allow parents to keep an eye and ear on their baby from another room, providing peace of mind while they’re busy attending to other tasks or chores around the house.

Childproofing can be a hassle when you’re new to parenting, but no need to worry, we have curated five essential childproofing items that you can purchase to help creating a safe environment for your little ones:

1. Beaba Baby Monitor Zen Connect

Photo: Pupsik

The Beaba Baby Monitor Zen Connect is a versatile and reliable tool that aids parents in monitoring their baby’s safety and well-being from any location. Offering practicality and lightness, this innovative device connects seamlessly to a dedicated mobile app, providing continuous monitoring via Wi-Fi or 4G networks. With features such as full HD video, night mode, sound, and motion detection, as well as lullabies, it ensures comprehensive monitoring and soothing options.

Beaba Baby Monitor Zen Connect

Price: $224 (U.P $249)

2. Dreambaby Door Stopper 

Photo: Pupsik

Dreambaby Door Stopper is a simple yet effective solution to prevent children from trapping their fingers in doors. Designed for easy installation, it slides effortlessly onto the edge or top of the door above your child’s reach, reducing the risk of accidental lock-ins. Made from soft, flexible foam, it provides a hassle-free way to enhance home safety.

Dreambaby Door Stopper

Price: $6.9 (U.P $9.9)

3. PurityWhite Baby 90 Degree Drawer L Shape Lock

Photo: FairPrice

Ensure your child’s safety with the PurityWhite Baby 90 Degree Drawer L Shape Lock. This multifunctional lock provides double snap protection, securing cabinets and drawers from curious hands. With its right angle design, it offers comprehensive security, giving parents peace of mind in their childproofing efforts.

PurityWhite Baby 90 Degree Drawer L Shape Lock

Price: from $3.1

4. Lucky Baby Smart System 2 Way Auto Swing Back Gate

Photo: FairPrice

Safety gates, like the Lucky Baby Smart System 2 Way Auto Swing Back Gate, provide essential protection for children by restricting access to potentially dangerous areas like stairs or rooms with hazards, preventing falls and accidents while allowing easy access for adults.

Lucky Baby Smart System 2 Way Auto Swing Back Gate

Price: $89.9 (U.P $119)

5. Lucky Baby Smart System Foldable Safety Play Yard 

Photo: FairPrice

The Lucky Baby Smart System Foldable Safety Play Yard is a lifesaver for busy parents, providing a secure space for little ones on the move. Featuring an illuminated moon crescent for night mode, it’s easy to set up and sturdy enough for active toddlers. Safety locks and a hinged door with safety button prevent your kids little fingers to open.

Lucky Baby Smart System Foldable Safety Play Yard 

Price: $229 (U.P $329)

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