Ensuring your household is equipped with essential baby-proofing items is crucial for creating a secure environment where your child can safely explore and develop. These items are specifically designed to minimise potential risks and accidents, prioritising the well-being of your little one.

1.  Reer I-Gate Autoclose Safety Gate

Photo: FortyTwo

Baby gates are crucial for ensuring the safety and security of infants and toddlers by restricting their access to potentially hazardous areas within or outside the house.

The Reer I-Gate Autoclose Safety Gate presents a hassle-free solution for new parents seeking a kid-friendly safety option. Crafted from durable powder-coated steel and saliva-resistant plastics, with rounded corners and pinch-free hinges, it prioritises child safety environment. This pressure-mounted gate requires no drilling or screwing and features with built-in colour pressure markers for easy installation and maintenance.

With extra-wide 60cm door allows for easy passage and its automatic closing feature secures openings effortlessly. Additionally, it features a directional stopper and a fluorescent Night-Safe attachment ensures visibility in low light ensuring that no one will trip during night time.

This gate is ideal for households with children up to 24 months.

Reer I-Gate Autoclose Safety Gate

Price: $169

2. Tender Leaf Forest Table and Chairs Set

Photo: HipVan

The Tender Leaf Forest Table and Chairs Set is a must-have for new parents, offering both style and functionality for their little ones. Crafted from durable plywood, this self-assembly table with rounded corner features a hidden compartment perfect for storing crayons, art supplies, or toys, keeping the play area tidy and organised.

The central chalkboard panel adds an interactive element, allowing toddlers to unleash their creativity with ease. The set includes two charming plywood chairs with solid rubber wood legs, featuring adorable rabbit and bear faces on the back panel. With its multifunctional design and thoughtful details, this baby-proof product provides a delightful space for babies to play, learn, and grow.

Tender Leaf Forest Table and Chairs Set

Price: $308

3. Child Baby Safety Singapore Sockets Plug Cover Protector

Photo: PowerPac

These simple yet vital covers serve as protective barriers, safeguarding children from the temptation to touch or poke electrical sockets.

Their tight fit securely locks into place, ensuring a snug and reliable barrier against potential hazards. Designed for easy removal by adults only, they effectively prevent dust, moisture, and small insects from entering.

Child Baby Safety Singapore Sockets Plug Cover Protector

Price: $3.6

4. Cubble Baby Safety Bed Rail (1.5/1.8m/2.0m)

Photo: First Few Years

The Cubble Baby Safety Bed Rail offers seven adjustable height options (80-95cm) to accommodate various mattress thicknesses and bed types, ensuring a snug and secure fit for any type of beds.

Crafted with a durable aluminium alloy frame and reinforced with soft inner protective EVA foam, it provides both strength and safety for your little one.

But more importantly, it is designed with a triple lock safety system, along with vertical lift space-saving capabilities, ensuring your toddler will not be able to unlock the rail by themselves Moreover, the tight bar gap effectively prevent children from squeezing through. Yet, the breathable fabric ensures comfort and hygiene.

Easy to install and easily washable, this bed rail is the perfect solution to prevent falls and promote a safe sleeping environment for your baby.

Cubble Baby Safety Bed Rail

Price: $65 (U.P. $132.9)

5. Reer Universal Edge Protection Foam 240cm

Photo: FortyTwo

Sharp corners won’t be an issue anymore with the Reer Universal Protection Foam.

It serves as a reliable shield against the potential hazards posed by sharp edges commonly found on furniture pieces. Crafted from soft foam material, with an added thickness at the edge, it effectively cushions impacts from accidental knocks or falls, significantly reducing the risk of serious injuries.

Moreover, its sleek tapered design not only adds a touch of elegance but also enhances security by making it challenging for toddlers to remove. Whether applied to table edges, walls, or ledges, this versatile foam protector offers parents peace of mind, fostering a home environment that is both child-friendly and safe.

Reer Universal Edge Protection Foam

Price: $29.9

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