You’re in the third trimester and you realise it’s about time you start stocking up on all your baby essentials. But, here’s the issue. You’re not too sure what to get… You’ll have to baby proof your house, get them new clothes, and more…

If you’re a new parent and you’re at a loss of what babies need, here is a list of the 20 essential baby products you’ll need to get.

1. Diapers

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Diapers are essential for keeping your baby dry and comfortable throughout the day and night. You can either choose cloth diaper or disposable diaper, according to your needs. Proper diapering is essential for maintaining hygiene, preventing diaper rash, and promoting overall comfort for the baby.

2. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are versatile and handy for cleaning not only during diaper changes but also for wiping down baby’s hands, face, and body throughout the day. The gentle formulation of baby wipes ensures they are suitable for use on sensitive skin, making them an essential tool for maintaining hygiene and preventing irritation.

3. Diaper Cream or Balm

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Diaper cream or balm is a lifesaver for preventing and soothing diaper rash, a common discomfort experienced by babies due to prolonged exposure to moisture and friction. These products create a protective barrier on the skin, preventing irritation and promoting healing. They often contain soothing ingredients such as zinc oxide or lanolin, which help calm inflammation and restore the skin’s natural balance.

4. Potty Chair

Introducing a potty chair early on helps familiarise babies with the concept of using the toilet, laying the groundwork for successful toilet training later on. Potty chairs are designed with features that cater to a baby’s small size and comfort, making the transition from diapers to toilet a smoother process.

5. Baby Bottles

Whether feeding formula or expressed breast milk, baby bottles are indispensable for providing nourishment to infants when direct breastfeeding is not possible or preferred. Choosing the right baby bottle ensures comfortable feeding experiences for both the baby and the caregiver.

6. Burp Cloth

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Burp cloths provide a convenient way to protect clothing and surfaces from spit-up during burping sessions. Their absorbent and soft materials effectively soak up messes while keeping baby and caregiver clean and dry.

7. Bottle Warmers

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A quick and safe approach to preheat infant formula or milk to the perfect temperature for feeding is with a bottle warmer. It helps removing the uncertainty and possible risks and provides even heating that maintains the milk’s nutritional value.

Bottle warmers are convenient and give caretakers piece of mind by saving time and effort, particularly during nighttime feedings.

8. Bottle Brush

Proper cleaning and maintenance of baby bottles are essential for ensuring hygiene and preventing contamination. Bottle brushes are specially designed to reach into narrow spaces and remove residue from bottles and other feeding accessories. Their durable bristles effectively scrub away milk residue and bacteria, promoting cleanliness and safety for baby’s feeding equipment.

9. Baby and Toddler Dinnerware

As babies transition to solid foods and self-feeding, having the right dinnerware is crucial for promoting independence and developing fine motor skills. Baby plates, bowls, and utensils are designed with features that make them easy for little hands to grip and control.

10. Baby High Chair and Booster Seat

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High chairs and booster seats provide a secure and elevated seating option for babies and toddlers during meal times. They offer a safe and supportive environment for feeding, allowing babies to sit comfortably and engage with their caregivers at the table. It promotes proper posture and eating habits, making meal times enjoyable and stress-free for both baby and caregiver.

11. Pacifier

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Pacifiers are comforting tools that help soothe babies by providing them with a natural sucking reflex. They offer a sense of security and comfort, helping babies self-soothe and manage stress or anxiety. Pacifiers can also aid in reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) by satisfying the baby’s need for non-nutritive sucking during sleep.

12. Baby Bibs

Meal times can be messy affairs, with babies often dribbling, spitting up, or dropping food onto their clothes. Baby bibs provide a protective barrier, keeping baby’s clothing clean and dry during feeding sessions.

13. Baby Crib or Bassinet

A baby’s health and wellbeing depend greatly on having a safe and cozy sleeping space. With a crib or bassinet, newborns can sleep in a safe, comfortable environment that lowers the chance of suffocation or accidents. Their sturdy structure, breathable materials, and suitable mattress support are among the qualities that encourage safe sleep behaviors.

14. Baby Sound Machine

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Baby sound machines emit soothing sounds, such as white noise, lullabies, or nature sounds, which help mask disruptive noises and lull babies into a deeper sleep. They provide a consistent and calming auditory backdrop that promotes relaxation and sleep onset, helping babies and caregivers enjoy more restful nights.

15. Baby Oil

Baby oil is a gentle and nourishing skincare product that helps moisturize and protect baby’s delicate skin. Its lightweight and non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, leaving baby’s skin soft and smooth. Baby oil can be used after baths to lock in moisture, prevent dryness, and soothe irritation.

Choosing a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free baby oil ensures it is gentle and safe for sensitive skin.

16. Baby Lotion

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Like baby oil, baby lotion is essential for maintaining moisture balance and promoting healthy skin development. Its creamy texture provides long-lasting hydration, keeping baby’s skin soft and supple. Baby lotion is especially beneficial for dry or sensitive skin, helping soothe irritation and prevent discomfort.

17. Baby Nail Clippers

Trimming a baby’s nails can be a daunting task due to their small size and delicate nature. Baby nail clippers are specially designed with rounded edges and safety features to make nail trimming safer and more manageable. They allow caregivers to trim baby’s nails with precision and confidence, reducing the risk of accidental nicks or cuts.

18. Sound and Video Monitor

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Monitoring baby’s sleep and activities is essential for ensuring their safety and well-being, especially during nap times or overnight sleep. Sound and video monitors provide real-time audio and visual feedback, allowing you to keep an eye and ear on their baby from a distance.

They offer peace of mind by alerting caregivers to any changes or disturbances in baby’s sleep patterns, enabling timely intervention when needed.

19. Diaper Bag

When venturing out with a baby, a well-equipped diaper bag is essential for carrying all the necessary supplies and essentials. Diaper bags are designed with multiple compartments and pockets to organize diapers, wipes, bottles, changing pads, and other essentials for on-the-go care.

20. Baby Bath Tub

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Bath time is not only a practical necessity for keeping baby clean but also an enjoyable bonding experience for caregivers and babies. Baby bath tubs provide a safe and secure environment for bathing infants, ensuring they are supported and comfortable during bath time. They come in various styles and designs, from standalone tubs to collapsible options for small spaces, catering to different needs and preferences.

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