‘Tis the season of festivities! It’s that wonderful time to ponder upon the ideal Christmas gifts for your hardworking Mothers. Ranging from chic accessories to indispensable self-care items, these gifts not only exude beauty but also contribute to well-being while championing local businesses.

Our selection spans various price ranges, ensuring there’s a fitting option, whether you’re budget-conscious or aiming to indulge. We’ve compiled a list of five distinctive and considerate Christmas gifts guaranteed to bring delight and coziness to your dearest mum. Before you know it, you’ll be her favourite Santa!

1. Ombré

Photo: Ombré

Meet Ombré, your local beauty ally with three decades of expertise, committed to empowering busy individuals on the quest for luminous skin.

Blending traditional beauty practices with cutting-edge technology, Ombré offers quick, hydrating, effective, and rejuvenating facial treatments that fit seamlessly into your schedule. Their newest MesoMTS treatment ($98) is perfect for those desiring a comprehensive cleanse. This 30-minute indulgence features an MTS needling ampoule infusion paired with a blissful face massage.

From 15 November 2023 to 31 December 2023, Ombré is spreading holiday cheer with a special offer. With any purchase, you’ll receive a complimentary lip treatment balm in Rose or Mint, valued at $15. Furthermore, with a minimum spend of $80 on facial treatments, Ombré offers a free add-on Mesojet Ampoule Treatment ($58).


2. Pearl FALCO

Photo: Pearl FALCO

Founded in 1985 by the Makito family in Ise Shima, Japan, Pearl FALCO is the exclusive distributor of cultured Akoya Pearls symbolising timeless sophistication.

Infused with festive spirit, Pearl FALCO introduces five captivating additions to their Festive Collection, with the Festive Irodori Collection tailored for today’s trendsetters, epitomizing mature charm and refined beauty resonating with the preferences of the younger generation.

Explore the collections’ highlights, including E257 geometric earrings ($660) featuring round-cut white topaz and square-cut blue topaz shiny baby Akoya Pearls. Additionally, the P43 Akoya Pearl and opal pendant ($1100) captures the essence of “Hope & Confidence,” reflecting the mesmerising iridescence of soap bubbles.


3. Skinlycious

Photo: Skinlycious

Standing out as the sole Singaporean brand in Sephora’s 2020 Accelerate program, Skinlycious focuses on addressing the needs of acne-prone skin. What sets them apart is the simplicity of their products—easy to use and apply, requiring minimal additional skincare products, aside from a good water-based sunscreen.

Their Skinlycious Gentle Calming Cleanser ($36), featuring an unscented pink lotion-like formula, is designed to thoroughly cleanse without stripping natural moisture. This cleanser removes grime, calms, and rebalances skin pH.

Another gem in their collection is the Skinlycious Hydrating Serum ($42), a water-based, oil-free formula that impressively hydrates and eliminates the need for an additional moisturizer. This serum aims to hydrate, build collagen, enhance water retention, and reduce inflammation in the skin.


4. Babies Bliss

Photo: Babies Bliss

Welcoming motherhood is a transformative journey, and Babies Bliss understands the significance of nurturing both the body and mind during this incredible chapter. With over two decades of fertility expertise, their Post-natal Massage ($178 for a 60-minute session) service is more than a thoughtful gift; it’s a vital aid in the recovery and relaxation journey for new moms.

Post-natal massages are vital in preventing knots and tension from escalating into insomnia, stress, and other challenges associated with childbirth. This tailored massage is a delightful treat for new moms in the weeks or months following childbirth, specifically designed to pamper hardworking muscles from labour. Unlike a standard full-body massage, it focuses on the muscles engaged during labour and post-birth, creating a joyous and nurturing experience that enhances the recovery and relaxation journey after childbirth.

Babies Bliss

5. Christmas Cards by Local Designer (@da.bikong)

Photo: @da.bikong

Elevate your holiday décor with the artisanal charm of @da.bikong’s unique greeting cards this Christmas! Dive into the festive world created by this local artist, featuring irresistibly cute bears that are poised to infuse your celebrations with boundless holiday cheer.

In collaboration with @tuffy.bears, @da.bikong’s collection showcases adorable bear illustrations meticulously crafted and printed on high-quality art card paper, capturing the essence of the holidays. With a soft-touch finish, these postcard-sized cards (Set of 3 cards for $12 and Set of 6 cards for $20) offer a tactile delight that goes beyond the ordinary.


Share your warm holiday wishes with a personal touch, brightening someone’s day with that extra special touch. Remember, the most meaningful gifts don’t always come with hefty price tags but are those wrapped in thoughtfulness and love. Let’s embark on a shopping journey and spread Christmas cheer throughout Singapore!

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