As expecting parents, attending parenting classes is an invaluable investment in preparing for the journey of raising a child, especially if you’re a new parent. These classes offer a wealth of knowledge and practical skills essential for navigating the joys and challenges of parenthood. More importantly, it helps you become aware of vital information you may not even know you need!

From understanding the stages of child development to learning effective communication strategies and discipline techniques, expecting parents gain the tools they need to foster a nurturing and supportive environment for their child. Hence, we have curated five parenting courses in the city that you can join to prepare you before the arrival of your little one.

1. Family Central – Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) Group Sessions

Photo: Family Central

Triple P is a comprehensive parenting and family support approach aimed at fostering positive parenting within communities, preventing behavioural and emotional issues in children and teens. The program is fully subsidies and caters to Mandarin and English speakers.

Triple P encompasses various levels to address diverse parenting needs:

  1. Large Group Seminars (Level 2): Condensed into three sessions, these seminars cover key Triple P concepts and provide practical ideas to simplify and tackle the challenges of parenting.
  2. Individual Consultations (Level 3): Tailored for parents dealing with specific behavioral concerns, these one-on-one sessions focus on addressing one or two current issues.
  3. Group Sessions (Level 4): Designed for those seeking a more in-depth understanding of Triple P Strategies, this includes five group sessions followed by three phone consultations to reinforce and strengthen the strategies learned.

Check out their website for enrolment dates, Triple P is an accessible online parenting classes where you can gain practical parenting expertise. The course common group session consists of five sessions (2-hours duration per session) and three phone consultations. Ideal for parents with children aged 0-16, this program provides invaluable tools for effective parenting.

Family Central Triple P

Address: Online zoom

2. Touch Community Service – Parenting Programme (PP)

Photo: Touch

In response to the evolving challenges faced by parents in understanding and communicating with their children, Touch Community Service offers tailored parenting programs for various age groups. For parents with infants (0-6 months), the G.I.F.T. Parenting program focuses on practical skills, offering guidance on feeding, bedtime routines, and fostering responsive communication.

The Intentional Parent workshop (age 7-12 years old) targets parents of primary school children, emphasising character development using the Parents’ Toolkit. Additionally, Positive Discipline programs (age 13-18 years old) provide a research-based, experientially focused approach to parenting, promoting effective strategies and character-building through the 6As: Acceptance, Appreciation, Affection, Availability, Accountability, and Authority. They also offer marriage and relationship check-in workshops for parents.

Touch Community Service Parenting Programme (PP)

Address: Blk 162 Bukit Merah Central #05-3545, Singapore 150162

3. Mother & Child – Pre-natal and Parenting services

Photo: Mother & Child

Mother & Child provides comprehensive support for parents and child development, encompassing a wide range of services. Their offerings begin with prenatal courses, guiding parents through childbirth preparation and active birth classes to promote maternal health. The support extends into parenting with conscious training, baby massage courses, dietitian consultations, baby-wearing classes, and developmental assessments.

Recognising the importance of safety, Mother & Child goes beyond by offering first-aid classes, including CPR and emergency procedures, tailored for expectant couples. Moreover, they create engaging experiences for babies and toddlers with fun sessions such as music classes, games, and sensory play, fostering a holistic and enriching environment for both parents and children.

Mother & Child

Address: 163 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Mall, #03 – 109, Singapore 247933

4. Chapter Zero

Photo: Chapter Zero

Chapter Zero hosts monthly talks exploring evidence-based and respectful parenting approaches. Open to all parents, caregivers, and child-focused professionals, these events assure participants leave feeling rejuvenated and motivated to enact positive changes in their relationships with children.

Chapter Zero’s popular parenting class, the Respectful Parenting Workshop Series, unfolds in five workshops over two weeks, repeated three times a year. The series includes Introduction to Respectful Parenting, Embracing Toddlerhood I: Peaceful Partnerships, Raising a Secure and Independent Child, Embracing Toddlerhood II: Coping with Big Feelings, Seeing Play Through New Eyes. Catering for newborn parents to toddlers up to 4 years old, the series imparts principles for fostering authentic, cooperative relationships with children.

Chapter Zero

Address: differ according to the workshops

5. Rainbow Centre – Parent Training Workshops For Kids With Special Needs

Photo: Rainbow Centre / Instagram

The Rainbow Centre Training & Consultancy (RCTC) organizes and conducts workshops and programs aimed at educating parents on various aspects of caring for children with special needs at home and in the community. Parents encountering ongoing behavioural challenges in their children with disabilities can enrol in the Family Empowerment Programme. This structured service spans ten sessions over three months, empowering parents with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage current and potential future behaviours.

Rainbow Centre Training & Consultancy

Address: 501 Margaret Dr, Singapore 149306

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