In the heart of every Singaporean household lies a bustling kitchen, the center of culinary traditions and family gatherings. Elevate your home cooking experience with the finest kitchen appliances designed to cater to your family needs. From space-saving marvels to safety-conscious innovations, these appliances promise a perfect blend of functionality and style, making your kitchen a hub of efficiency and delight for all.

1. Tefal 1.8L Spherical Rice Cooker

Photo: BHG

A staple in any Singaporean households, the rice cooker streamlines meal prep by eliminating the guesswork in water-to-rice ratios. This tool not only ensures perfectly cooked rice every time, but also simplifies the cooking process, making it a trusted ally for busy families.

Simplify your family’s meal prep with the Tefal 1.8L Spherical Rice Cooker. Cooking up to 10 cups of rice, Tefal’s rice cooker guarantees optimal heat convection, delivering delectable results and perfect texture. With three rice texture options (soft, hard, regular) to cater to your preferences and a 12-hour keep-warm feature, it’s a culinary essential for families seeking both convenience and deliciously cooked rice. Say goodbye to rice-cooking stress and hello to more quality time with your loved ones.

Price: $219

Tefal 1.8L Easy Rice Plus Fuzzy Logic Spherical Rice Cooker

2. Philips 4.1L Air Fryer

Photo: Philips

An air fryer is an indispensable kitchen tool for families, offering a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods. With its ability to cook with little to no oil, this versatile tool excels at reviving yesterday’s meals, giving them a crispy and appetising makeover. The convenience of quick cooking times, easy cleanup, and versatile functionality make the air fryer an essential asset in busy family kitchens, providing a guilt-free and efficient solution.

Our top pick is Philips 4.1L Air Fryer that combines convenience with safety, offering dishwasher-safe removable parts and a QuickClean basket with a non-stick coating. With adjustable time and temperature controls (up to 60 minutes), a cool wall exterior safe for your kids, and automatic shut-off, this Air fryer not only simplifies cooking but also prioritises family-friendly features.

Price: $199

PHILIPS 4.1L 12-in-1 Air Fryer HD9200/91

3. Tefal Toast N Beans

Photo: BHG

Offering a quick and efficient way to prepare the morning staple, a toaster is a kitchen essential for easy breakfast preparation.

The Tefal Toast N Beans is a multifunctional product — a combination of toaster, egg cooker, and beans warmer. Not only does it save counter space, but also streamlines your morning routine. With one-touch simplicity, wide slots catering to thick or thin toasts, and additional features like steamer and egg poaching trays, it’s a versatile powerhouse for diverse breakfast options.

Price: $99.9

Tefal Toast N Beans


Photo: Hurom Singapore

This essential kitchen appliance extracts vibrant flavours and vital nutrients from fruits and vegetables, seamlessly integrating wellness into your daily routine.

The Hurom S13 Slow Juicer is the epitome of compact efficiency and optimal functionality. In this hassle-free package, Hurom’s patented Slow Squeeze technology and fine strainer work in tandem to extract every drop of goodness from your favourite fruits and vegetables. The convenient dual hopper allows for seamless ingredient prep with one touch button, while the large chamber accommodates generous portions.

Beyond its space-saving design, this value-for-money slow juicer doesn’t compromise on delivering high-quality, cold-pressed juice for your family.

Price: $888

Hurom S13 Slow Juicer

Electric Kettle

Photo: Tangs

An electric kettle is a must-have for Singaporeans’ households, providing a swift and efficient solution to boiling water for the beloved morning kopi or tea.

For this device, Mimica by Mistral’s 1.8L Double-Wall Electric Kettle combines safety and style, making it an ideal choice for families. The innovative double-wall design ensures the kettle remains safe to touch from the outside, providing an extra layer of protection for curious little hands. Crafted with a food-grade stainless steel interior wall, it guarantees not only durability but also the safety of boiled water for family use. With an automatic cut-off switch, Mimica prioritises family safety, making boiling water a seamless and secure process.

Price: $59

Mimica by Mistral’s 1.8L Double-Wall Electric Kettle

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