In the evolving landscape of modern parenting, nurturing and safeguarding the physical and mental well-being of our children from the earliest stages of their development is an integral aspect of responsible parenting. The formative years of a child’s life serve as the foundation upon which their future successes and well-being are built.

To tackle this challenges, we have prepped 5 best carefully curated recommendations of fitness gym for your little ones, aiming to provide not only a physical outlet for your child’s energy but also a supportive environment for their overall growth and development:

1. Beary Fun Gym

Photo: Beary Fun Gym

Beary Fun Gym stands out as a pioneer in Singapore, specialising in gymnastics and fitness classes tailored for children aged 3 to 12 years old. With over five branches across the city, this kid-friendly gym fosters a non-competitive environment, emphasising tools, guidance, and specially designed recreational gymnastics programs. The unique addition of special wushu training classes adds a cultural and dynamic aspect to the fitness journey, making Beary Fun Gym an excellent choice for building mental and physical strength in your child’s growth journey

Beary Fun Gym

Address: Bukit Batok Swimming Complex, 2 Bukit Batok St.22, Singapore 659581

2. The Little Gym

Photo: The Little Gym Singapore

Since 2003, The Little Gym has been a beacon for non-competitive physical activities tailored for children from 4 months to 12 years old. Offering diverse Core Season and Summer Session programs, each filled with movement, music, learning, and laughter, The Little Gym caters to every stage of your child’s development. With a focus on holistic growth, this establishment is a haven for parents seeking a well-rounded approach to their child’s fitness journey.

The Little Gym

Address: FORUM The Shopping Mall #B1-24, 583 Orchard Road, Singapore 238884 

3. Power Kids Gym

Photo: Power Kids Gym

Power Kids Gym offers a unique array of programs catering to babies, toddlers, nursery, and school-age children up to 10 years old. Their non-competitive curriculum ensures a stress-free environment, with adult-accompanied sessions for the little ones under 3 years old and independent classes for ages 3 to 10. Ideal for birthdays and events, Power Kids Gym creates an engaging space for children to develop physical skills while establishing a positive attitude towards fitness from a young age.

Power Kids Gym

Address: UE Square, 81 Clemenceau Ave #02-12, Singapore 239917

4. The Raffles Gymnastic Academy

Photo: The Raffles Gymnastic Academy

The Raffles Gymnastic Academy is a comprehensive fitness hub offering a wide range of gym programs for both competitive and recreational purposes. From 24 months to above 20 years old, children engage in classes that blend physical, cognitive, and daily living skills. The focus on gross motor skills within a safe and fun environment establishes a solid foundation for your child’s overall development, making The Raffles Gymnastic Academy an excellent choice for families seeking versatility in fitness programs. The academy also open for birthday packages for your kids to celebrate with their gym buddies.

The Raffles Gymnastic Academy

Address: 500 Upper Bukit Timah Road (The Salvation Army), Singapore 678106

5. Bubbles Gym

Photo: Bubbles Gym

Bubbles Gym takes fitness to new heights with its state-of-the-art facilities, including standard Olympic-sized apparatus, trampolines, and a 12m long tumble track with a massive foam pit. This gym provides an exhilarating experience for children, combining fun and fitness seamlessly. The emphasis on fundamental skills in a safe and enjoyable setting makes Bubbles Gym an ideal destination for parents looking to cultivate a love for physical activity in their children, ensuring a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age. The gym also opens for birthday parties, camps, and private rental.

Bubbles Gym

Address: 7 Holland Village Way #07-01 One Holland Village, Singapore 275748 (Relocating Jan 2024)

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