To the younger generation, the allure of the Chinese language might appear somewhat elusive. Many youngsters perceive Chinese as unimportant or even uncool, leading to a growing disconnection from their cultural roots. Yet, in this era of globalisation, maintaining proficiency in one’s mother tongue remains a valuable asset. Not only does it offer an unbreakable link to heritage, there are practical aspects such as enhancing their career prospects. Hence, it’s important that you, the parents, upkeep their Chinese proficiency.

Here are the 5 best Chinese tuition centres in Singapore.

1. Tien Hsia Language School

Photo: Tien Hsia Language School, Best Chinese Tuition Singapore
Photo: Tien Hsia Language School

Tien Hsia Language School, crowned as the leading Chinese Language centre of choice in Singapore by a Forbes Research Pte. Ltd survey, has been a nurturing ground for over 25,000 students since its establishment in 1989.

At Tien Hsia Language School, programmes are meticulously crafted to align with the local school syllabus, strictly adhering to MOE guidelines. The school prides itself on maintaining distinct classes for each age group, ensuring targeted and appropriate instruction for all students.

The teaching method employed is designed to engage the senses of hearing, touch, and sight, creating a lasting impression and enriching the learning experience. Pupils are equipped with the essential skills to excel in their oral and written examinations, ensuring they’re well-prepared for academic success.

Tien Hsia

2. Berries World of Learning

Photo: Berries World of Learning, Best Chinese tuition Singapore
Photo: Berries World of Learning

Berries World of Learning, once known as the Children’s Language School, is a cherished gem in Singapore’s education landscape. With a squadron of MOE accredited teachers and a holistic language education programme, it’s a nurturing nest where learning takes flight.

The school takes great pride in its dedicated curriculum team that thoughtfully designs lessons, ensuring each student extracts the maximum benefit from their learning journey.

Lessons are tailored to meet specific learning needs, transforming the learning process into a fun-filled and interactive adventure. The programmes are ingeniously crafted to foster conversation and interaction among the kids, aiding them in building confidence in communication.

Berries World

3. Hua Cheng Education Centre

Photo: Hua Cheng Education Centre

At Hua Cheng Education Centre, learning Chinese is more than just memorising vocabulary from a booklet. Led by a dynamic team of experienced NIE-trained teachers, they believe in a holistic approach to language learning. Their courses are meticulously curated to fit seamlessly with MOE’s Chinese syllabus, providing primary students with the necessary preparation for the Chinese PSLE.

But it’s not just about acing exams at Hua Cheng. They go the extra mile to immerse their students in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture and focus on character building. Their programmes are thoughtfully designed to offer an enriching educational experience that nurtures young minds.

Hua Cheng Education

4. Etern Education Centre

Photo: Etern Education Centre

Etern Education Centre, founded by the dynamic duo Ms Zhong Yingyi and Madam Cheng Xinchun in 2004, is a beacon of Chinese tuition centres in Singapore. The centre is a firm believer in research-based teaching methods, using them to spark children’s interest in the Chinese language.

Madam Cheng Xinchun, a co-founder of the centre, is a seasoned educator with over 20 years of teaching experience and the author of numerous Chinese assessment books. Her guidance has helped many students secure spots in prestigious institutions like St. Nicholas Girls’ School, Raffles Institute, and Hwa Chong Institute.

The centre’s programmes seamlessly align with the current MOE syllabus, acting as a catalyst for students to polish their examination techniques. The curriculum is a lively mosaic of engaging activities, designed to broaden students’ horizons and keep their interest continually piqued.

Etern Education Centre

5. EduZ Tuition

Photo: EduZ Tuition

EduZ Tuition, a highly-rated centre in Singapore, is a go-to destination for Chinese tuition. Established in 2010 by two former school teachers, the centre has since guided over 3000 students on their learning journey. With the advent of the current pandemic, EduZ Tuition has adapted swiftly, offering students the flexibility to choose between centre-based or online classes.

The teaching team is a seasoned crew, with most tutors boasting at least 7 years of teaching experience. Small class sizes are the norm here, ensuring each student receives ample attention from the teachers.

The centre embraces technology in its teaching methods, using digital whiteboards that allow students to view every page through the tablets provided by the centre. This innovative approach not only enhances the learning experience but also ensures that students are well-equipped to thrive in a digital age.

EduZ Tuition

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