Are you ready to embark on a fantastic parenting journey right here in sunny Singapore? We’re about to spill the beans on where to find the perfect baby classes and playgroups, and trust us, they’re way more than just ‘activities’.

These are your secret passages to a world where curiosity and camaraderie come together, all while your little ones get to lace up those tiny shoes and dive into the exciting world of early childhood development. Here are the best baby classes and playgroups Singapore has to offer.

1. Creative Hearts

Photo: Creative Hearts

Get ready to groove as we dive into the world of baby music classes!

Creative Hearts offers Musical Bubs (0 – 8 months) and Musical Babies (6 – 18 months) programs that provide an opportunity for you to connect with your baby using interactive songs, percussion instruments, and creative movement activities.

For a unique twist, give their Bilingual Bubs Playgroup (12 – 30 months) a shot. It combines English and Mandarin in sensory play, art, and storytelling for an enriched experience. Creative Hearts offers $18 trial sessions for childhood music and movement classes designed for toddlers.

Creative Hearts

2. Integrated International School Tea & Tots

Photo: Integrated International School Tea & Tots

Ready for some creative fun?

Join Tea & Tots for action-packed 75-minute playgroup sessions that are more than your average playdate. They’ve got circle time, stories, sensory play, music, crafts, and more for you and your little one.

Your kiddo’s tiny hands will get messy with finger painting, squishy textures, and creative fun, crafting cute masterpieces and unforgettable memories. Caregivers can mingle, enjoy tea, and gather parenting tips. It’s a win-win! Contact to schedule a tour at Integrated International School.

Integrated International School Tea & Tots

3. Special Learners Gym and Art Preschool

Photo: Special Learners

Looking for a fun play gym for your little one?

Special Learners Gym and Art Preschool offers a therapist-designed program that utilises purposeful and sensory play to enhance brain development and coordination skills. Therapists at Special Learners have 20 years of experience in the field of pediatrics and practice of occupational therapy.

With its gym and fantastic imaginative play area, it’s an ideal environment for young learners to have fun while building confidence, preparing them for preschool. Register for a free consultation with Special Learners for a program suitability assessment and receive at-home strategy recommendations and support.

Special Learners

4. SWISH Swimming

Photo: SWISH Swimming

Splash! It’s time for summer water fun!

SWISH boasts both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, where your little ones can enjoy a gentle and comfortable swim. More than just a pool, it’s where kids create lasting water memories.

With the help of games, songs, and fun-filled activities, children will not only acquire vital swimming skills but also foster a profound affection for the water. They’ll soon become confident little swimmers! Group classes starts at $40 per student with a maximum of 5 children per class while Private classes with one child to one certified Swish swim instructor starts at $84.70 per student. Trial classes are available.

SWISH Swimming

5. Julia Gabriel

Photo: Julia Gabriel

Are you ready to set your child on a path of joyful discovery and social development? Julia Gabriel Playgroup is where the magic happens, with playful interactions, creative exploration, and a sprinkle of puppetry fun. Here, little ones are encouraged to explore the world of learning in a secure and stimulating setting. With special programs like Story Time and Music Time, babies are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and explore the wonders of the world through arts, crafts, and hands-on activities.

Julia Gabriel

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