About Us

We truly believe that to be the ACE MAKER parent to their Child is to help the child unlock the unique potential in each and every one of them. An ACE Maker parent helps to develop a child’s unique talents and strengths.

Every child’s A is different and it cannot be measured by a mere score. It is more than just scoring A in examinations, is about scoring A in life.

We are so grateful and excited to have all of you be part of our “ACE MAKER Parenting” community, to share with parents how they can help their child ACE in Academics, Character and Empathy. From personal stories to professional tips shared by parents, educators, parenting coaches, therapists and special industry experts, we hope to inspire parents on how they can journey and support their child’s learning in this 21st century.

When daddies and mummies are happy, you can be sure we have a happy child too. Check out our lifestyle section on Date Ideas, Things to do, and Home & Living tips, among others.

Nobody knows how to be a parent. All parents have imperfections. Parenting is about learning how to love and encourage your child in life’s journeys.

Let us as ACE Maker parenting community, support you and your family.

Meet The Team

Our Founder

Stephanie is the founder of ACE Maker Parenting. Together, with her Co-founder for the summit, Bernice, ACE Maker Parenting held its first International Virtual Summit on Nov 4-6th 2022. It was well received, with parent participants attending from 10 countries across Asia. Hence, the birth of the ACE Maker Parenting Publication. Stephanie, together with her amazing editorial team, hopes that through this publication with inspiring stories and tips shared, can support parents as they journey with their children.

Stephanie is a mother of 2 adult girls. She is the Programme Director for My Think Tank enrichment centre, and has Masters in Applied Psychology. She facilitates Family Life’s Art of Marriage®, Art of Parenting®, and formerly worked in Ministry of Education. 

Till date, Stephanie has 28 years of teaching experience. She loves families and believes in lifelong learning for children; guiding parents in various ways to support their child in the academic journey.

She enjoys designing creative and engaging Maths programmes, to help children build strong foundation and passion in Mathematics. She has worked with many schools through her My Think Tank Maths programmes to generate interests in children.

Our Editorial Team

Foong Yan Kai, Editor

For editorial matters, please email hello@acemakerparenting.com