part-time gigs for stay-at-home parents
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In the ever-demanding role of parenting, the role of stay-at-home parents is nothing short of a full-time commitment. Yet, the evolving landscape of work and the advent of flexible job opportunities have opened up new possibilities for stay-at-home parents considering part-time gigs in between parenting duties. This offers a chance to inject variety into your routine, pursue personal growth, and maintain a connection to the professional world. It’s a delicate balance between nurturing a family and pursuing personal aspirations, providing an opportunity for fulfilment on multiple fronts.

Here are 5 part-time and freelance gigs that would fit a stay-at-home parent.

1. Sales Admin Executive

Embrace the flexibility of gig work tailored for stay-at-home parents as a Sales Admin Executive (Part-time), offering the convenience of working from home. This role is crafted for individuals seeking a balance between parenting responsibilities and professional growth. You’ll support the administrative needs of adult training courses, managing tasks like class attendance, registrations, and assisting participants with Skillsfuture claims and payments. Plus, enjoy the potential for extra commissions, providing an added financial boost. Understanding the unique needs of stay-at-home parents, this role offers comprehensive training to ensure your success in this role.

Sales Admin Executive

Salary: $500-1000

Type: Part-time / Work-from-home (partial)

2. Home Cleaner / Housekeeper

For those seeking flexibility and a fulfilling gig, the Part-Time Home Cleaner/Housekeeper role is a perfect fit. Ideal for those with a passion for cleaning, the job offers morning, afternoon, or evening shifts with a commitment of just 12 hours per week. Earn up to $19 per hour, plus a potential bonus of $300, with monthly pay on the 7th, ensuring a steady income. Work close to home, turning your love for cleaning into an opportunity for extra income.

This role is a great match for parents with spare time amid their responsibilities, providing a rewarding and flexible source of additional earnings. Transform your cleaning skills into a valuable and family-friendly gig.

Home Cleaner / Housekeeper

Salary: $19/hr, with bonus of up to $300

Type: Part-time

3. Training Consultant

Catered to parents looking for a flexible role without the heavy requirements of commitment, this role gives them the means necessary to look after the kids, do chores whilst furthering their corporate portfolio. Additionally, this role provides opportunities that are not only fulfilling but also well compensated with commission and allowances.

Ideal for stay-at-home parents seeking a balance between work and family, this opportunity turns spare time into a rewarding venture with steady income and a vibrant work atmosphere.

Training Consultant

Salary: $1,500-$5,000

Type: Freelance / Full-time

4. Skincare Product Packer

The Skincare Product Packer position involves parcel sorting of skincare products and general warehousing tasks. This opportunity is ideal for those comfortable with a variety of duties, including simple ad hoc tasks assigned by the supervisor.

Skincare Product Packer

Salary: $10/hr

Type: Part-time

5. Warehouse Assistant (E-commerce Pick & Pack)

For stay-at-home parents seeking a flexible side hustle, the Warehouse Assistant role in Ecommerce Pick & Pack is an ideal opportunity. You’ll be contributing to the world of online shopping by meticulously picking and packing orders, inspecting incoming goods, and organising inventory. This position not only offers financial benefits but also allows individuals to seamlessly integrate work into their schedules. 

Warehouse Assistant

Salary: $10/hr

Type: Part-time

From sales administration to flyer distribution, there is a diverse range of opportunities that empower parents to strike a harmonious balance between family life and a fulfilling career. Find the perfect part-time gigs you desire now!

Part-Time Gigs Recommendations By EL Connect

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With the current high cost of living and inflation, EL Connect is the perfect platform for stay-at-home parents seeking to supplement their income or flexible employment. Tailored for Singapore’s labour-short market, EL Connect seamlessly bridges the gap between job seekers and employers, offering a diverse array of part-time and short-term gigs. For parents navigating the delicate balance of work and family, this app proves invaluable.

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