Navigating the demanding and competitive landscape of Singapore’s education system can be quite the challenge, especially when it comes to secondary school. For students at this crucial juncture, secondary education paves the way for the GCE ‘O’ Levels examination, a pivotal moment that can shape their academic future. With the stakes high, it’s no wonder many parents like you seek additional support with tuition to ensure their child’s success.

In our quest to ease the journey for both students and parents, we’ve curated a guide to the 5 best secondary school tuition centres in Singapore, each offering valuable assistance to ensure your child’s success in this crucial phase of their education journey.

1. SG Physics, Chemistry & Math

Photo: SG Physics, Chemistry & Math, Tuition Singapore
Photo: SG Physics, Chemistry & Math

At SG Physics, Chemistry & Math, your child’s academic journey is in the capable hands of an exceptional team of tutors. Comprising former MOE-trained teachers from esteemed institutions such as Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, and Singapore Chinese Girls School, these educators are not only experienced but also highly decorated, with accolades like the EXSA Gold Award under their belts.

With a keen understanding of the syllabus and topics for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, your child will receive top-notch guidance. From upper secondary to JC levels, the tutors at SG Physics ensure your child stays current with the latest educational trends and syllabus changes. Their teaching materials, including illustrative notes, break down complex concepts, making them easily digestible, particularly for visual learners.

SG Physics, Chemistry & Math has 4 locations across Singapore. Check out the full list of locations on it’s official website.

SG Physics, Chemistry & Math

2. illum.e

Photo: illum.e, Tuition Singapore
Photo: illum.e

Specialising in Humanities tuition, illum.e offers a holistic curriculum spanning various subjects. Their primary focus is to simplify the requirements and enhance students’ ability to score well while fostering evaluative perspectives for essays and application-based questions.

Students who enrol in illum.e’s programs often experience a remarkable improvement of at least two grades in their scores and, more importantly, develop a newfound appreciation for humanities subjects. They offer combined courses like Geography and Social Studies, History and Social Studies, as well as standalone subjects such as Pure Geography and Pure History, in addition to English tuition.

Lectures delivered by their MOE-trained tutors cover a wide range of answering techniques, followed by targeted practice and personalised feedback. In-class assignments are designed to develop essential strategies applicable to any school assessment.

illum.e has 4 locations across Singapore. Check out the full list of locations on it’s official website.

3. Future Academy

Photo: Future Academy

Future Academy offers a comprehensive range of tuition services, catering to students preparing for PSLE, O Levels, IP, JC, IB, and more. Their offerings also extend to Math Olympiad, GEP, DSA, and educational consultancy services, including assistance with international school applications.

One of their signature features is small group classes, designed to provide personalised attention while continuously innovating to improve their services. For secondary school students, they offer English, Chinese, Math, and Science classes to ensure comprehensive support.

Future Academy has 3 locations across Singapore. Check out the full list of locations on it’s official website.
Future Academy

4. Kent Ridge Education

Photo: Kent Ridge Education / Facebook

Established in 1988, Kent Ridge Education boasts a rich three-decade history in Singapore’s tuition industry, making it one of the pioneers in the field. Over the years, more than 100,000 students have benefited from their expertise.

Kent Ridge’s educators are subject specialists with prior teaching experience, both in private and public settings, and they are deeply committed to their craft. From primary to JC levels, they offer tuition in English, Science, Math, Principal of Accounting, and even Chinese!

Kent Ridge Education has 13 locations across Singapore. Check out the full list of locations on it’s official website.

Kent Ridge Education

5. EduFirst Learning Centre

Photo: EduFirst Learning Centre / Facebook

EduFirst Learning Centre, has earned numerous accolades for its exceptional tuition services, including being a four-time recipient of the Best Enrichment & Learning Schools award. Their reputation extends beyond awards, having been featured in various media outlets and parenting publications.

Beyond the fanfare, EduFirst’s educators are genuinely dedicated to helping students succeed. They prioritise not only academic excellence but also essential skills like creativity and critical thinking. Covering all subjects in the secondary school curriculum, they ensure your child gets the most out of their tuition.

EduFirst Learning Centre has 14 locations across Singapore. Check out the full list of locations on it’s official website.

EduFirst Learning Centre

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