In the quest for academic excellence, parents in Singapore understand the importance of providing their children with the best possible education. To assist you on this journey, we’ve meticulously curated a list of the top 5 primary school tuition centres in Singapore. Each centre on this exclusive list is not only dedicated to academic success but also unwaveringly adheres to the Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus, ensuring that your child receives a comprehensive and aligned education. 

1. Aspire Hub

Photo: Aspire Hub / Facebook

Discover Aspire Hub, where young minds flourish. Committed to academic excellence and holistic development, this institution offers a unique environment with small class sizes for personalised coaching and continuous feedback, fostering academic success.

For primary students, Aspire Hub offers classes in English, Math, Science, and Chinese, ensuring a well-rounded education. Their comprehensive curriculum aligns with the MOE syllabus while nurturing personal growth and vocational skills.

Inclusivity is a core value at Aspire Hub. They believe that parents are essential partners in a child’s education journey. Open lines of communication ensure that parents are actively involved in shaping their child’s progress, fostering a collaborative approach to education.

Aspire Hub has 17 locations across Singapore. Check out the full list of locations on it’s official website.

Aspire Hub

2. Mind Stretcher

Mind Stretcher organises co-curriculum events occasionally. Photo: Mind Stretcher / Facebook

Mind Stretcher, a prominent choice among primary school tuition centres in Singapore, takes pride in its exceptional track record of nurturing young minds. In 2021, an impressive 645 students achieved PSLE scores of 10 or lower, with a remarkable 89 students attaining a perfect score of 4. Even before the grading system change, 507 students surpassed the 250 mark, with top scorers consistently exceeding 280.

What sets Mind Stretcher apart is its dedicated team of educators who consistently propel their students to excel in major exams. Their philosophy centres around building a strong educational foundation from a young age. To achieve this, they have meticulously crafted an in-house standardised curriculum, aligning with MOE’s guidelines, ensuring your child reaches their full potential.

Mind Stretcher offers a comprehensive range of primary school classes, including English, Math, Chinese, Science, GEP Prep Lab, and Creative Writing. With their proven expertise, Mind Stretcher continues to elevate academic excellence, making it a trusted choice for parents seeking the best for their children’s education.

Mind Stretcher has 25 locations across Singapore. Check out the full list of locations on it’s official website.
Mind Stretcher 

3. Edufront Tuition Centre

Photo: Edufront Tuition Centre / Facebook

Edufront Tuition Centre has solidified its position as one of the top choices among parents in Singapore, thanks to its consistent track record of producing exceptional, award-winning students year after year. Their weekly tuition program covers a spectrum of subjects, including English, Math, Science, Chinese, and even Malay, catering to students from primary to secondary levels.

For primary six students gearing up for the PSLE, Edufront offers a specialised PSLE Mastery Programme. This program boasts a comprehensive and structured schedule, ensuring your child stays on the right academic path.

In addition to their mastery programs, Edufront conducts School Holiday Intensive Revision workshops tailored to provide PSLE students with the extra boost they need. These workshops are ingeniously designed by their Principal Tutor with a focus on challenging students while reinforcing their conceptual foundations.

Edufront Tuition Centre has 7 locations across Singapore. Check out the full list of locations on it’s official website.

Edufront Tuition Centre

4. The Eaton Academy

Photo: The Eaton Academy / Facebook

Nestled within the distinguished EtonHouse International Education Group, The Eaton Academy stands as a beacon of educational excellence in Singapore. This institution specialises in providing English, Mathematics, and Science lessons tailored to children aged 4 to 12 years old.

The Eaton Academy is committed to nurturing young minds using the award-winning inquiry approach. This methodology is designed to ignite curiosity among children and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. The learning experience at The Eaton Academy is nothing short of engaging, offering hands-on activities that make lessons come alive. Here, children are encouraged to discover their voices as learners, fostering a sense of empowerment and independence. In addition to their academic growth, students’ confidence blossoms as they develop a genuine enjoyment for learning.

Parents are kept well-informed about their child’s educational journey through regular updates from dedicated teachers. At The Eaton Academy, not only can you expect to see improved grades, but you can also anticipate witnessing your child’s growth in confidence and their newfound enthusiasm for learning.

The Eaton Academy has 5 locations across Singapore. Check out the full list of locations on it’s official website.

The Eaton Academy

5. AGrader Learning Centre

Photo: AGrader Learning Centre / Facebook

Since its inception in 2013, AGrader Learning Centre has established itself as a cornerstone of comprehensive education in Singapore. With a focus on excellence, AGrader offers top-tier English, Mathematics, Science, and Creative Writing tuition spanning pre-primary, primary, and secondary school levels. They’ve made learning accessible across the island with 17 conveniently located centres and online tuition options for Primary 3 to 6 students in these key subjects.

AGrader takes pride in maintaining small class sizes, ensuring personalised attention. Physical classes accommodate up to 12 students, while online classes are limited to 15. Beyond the weekly tuition sessions, AGrader goes the extra mile with its proprietary EverLoop Improvement System. This innovative system grants students access to an array of supplementary resources, including extra worksheets, comprehensive learning videos, and the flexibility to attend additional revision sessions, whether in-person or from the comfort of home.

AGrader Learning Centre has 19 locations across Singapore. Check out the full list of locations on its official website.

AGrader Learning Centre

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