Discover the joys of learning from the tranquillity of your own home while receiving an uncompromised, premium education. With the need to step outside no longer a requirement, the time you used to spend on commuting can now be channelled into more productive endeavours. For night owls dedicated to their studies, certain online tuition even offers the flexibility to attend classes during late hours. Amidst many choices tailored for secondary school students in Singapore, here’s a carefully curated list of the finest five options. These encompass Tenopy, Snapask, OVERMUGGED, Superstar Teacher, and TigerCampus Singapore, providing a well-rounded blend of live sessions, interactive modules, instant Q&A, and pre-recorded lectures. 

1. Tenopy

Photo: Tenopy 

Keeping the class size small and targeted at a maximum of 5, Tenopy understands that every child has their own unique learning needs and aptitudes. Furthermore, the class will suit your child’s learning requirements, with the teachers providing individualised help. They also keep communication open, with direct channels to teachers available for parents whenever they would like to track their child’s progress.  

Every teacher at Tenopy is skilled and trained in online teaching methodology. Furthermore, their lesson materials are fun, challenging and curated by an experienced team led by ex-NIE Assistant Dean. If you’re worried that you might not be suited for this, register for a free class at the link below! 


Level: Primary, Secondary 

Subject: English, Science, Math. 

2. Snapask 

Photo: Snapask 

With tutors for all subjects, you can learn and review by subjects and even topics. You can choose from hundreds of videos in the Snapask library to learn more effectively. They have bite-sized videos which are comprehensive and summarised to make your learning process smoother. The unique feature of Snapask is the option to get help for any questions you have from tutors almost instant, with just a 3-step process – Snap, Match with Tutor, Solved. This quality helps on-demand and has an average pickup time of 3 to 5 minutes, super fast! 

Snapask also boasts a super stringent tutor selection process, whereby only 3% of tutors, including experienced ex-MOE ones, will pass. Furthermore, upon acceptance, these tutors will be trained again. To maximise study efficiency with a personalised learning experience, Snapask lets you access online classes, exam tips and 24/7. 


Subjects: All 

Level: Primary, Secondary, JC 



The most recent entry for online subscription tuition is OVERMUGGED. Conducted by their specialist tutors, the online subscription tuition has 16 to 18 online lessons across all core ‘O’ Levels subjects for $99 every month. These subjects include Chemistry, Physics, Biology, A-Math, E-Math, English and Humanities, and the lessons will focus heavily on exam skills, such as answering techniques and exam strategies. Students will also receive weekly learning resources to supplement their learning. 

As one of Singapore’s fastest-growing tuition brands, OVERMUGGGED is constantly challenging themselves to explore new and innovative ways to make learning engaging and intuitive. They have also invested greatly in providing free educational resources to all students, including podcasts ‘The Group Chat’, YouTube, Telegram Channel, and even free notes on our website. 


Subject: All

Level: Secondary 

4. Superstar Teacher 

Photo: Superstar Teacher 

Since 2011, Superstar Teacher has been bringing star-quality teachers to your screen. Their lessons cover the latest MOE syllabuses, packaged into easy-to-understand and engaging bite-sized content modules. Their integrated methodology can equip students to answer effectively by providing insights into question trends. Superstar Teacher also provides personalised one-to-one sessions with subject experts who will cater to the student’s unique learning needs. These teachers also use a competency-based learning pedagogy and have real-life exam simulations to help students get used to it. 

Superstar Teacher stands out from other online tuition platforms because of their vision to create lifelong learners who are confident and independent. They are preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world, but allowing students to take ownership of their own learning. 

Superstar Teacher

Subject: All 

Level: Primary, Secondary 

5. TigerCampus Singapore 

Photo: TigerCampus Singapore 

TigerCampus Singapore offers one of the most comprehensive services from local syllabus (PSLE, GCE O, GCE A) to international syllabus including, SAT, SSAT, IELTS and TOEFL. They also have tutors from all around the world, who are best suited to teach you these subjects. To ensure quality education, their tutors have been vetted thoroughly, with a 3% admission rate. 

Other than flexibility and convenience, their online tuition also encourages parents, together with their children, to set golds and objectives together. The tutors will also guide parents to help their child’s performance or academic grades. Most importantly, keeping track of your child’s performance will be made easy, with small class sizes and more individual attention from the tutor. Sign up for a free trial now! 

TigerCampus Singapore 

Subject: All 

Level: All

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