Did you know that the average individual spends a staggering 26 years of their life in slumber? That’s a third of our existence spent in bed! It’s clear that the quality of your mattress can significantly impact your sleep, and in turn, your daily life. But how do you go about selecting the perfect mattress?

Whether you’re on the hunt for cooling technology or memory foam, we’ve got you covered. If you’re in Singapore and in need of the best mattress, consider these top five brands:

1. Nine n Official’s Beddo Mattress

Photo: Nine n Official

Nine n Official’s Beddo Floor Sofa Bed (from $189) is a marvel of versatility.

The mattress seamlessly transitions from a stylish floor sofa to a spacious queen-sized bed, making it a versatile option for guest rooms and informal lounging areas. Its ergonomic design, complete with adjustable angles, a comfortable headrest and two extra cushions, guarantees enhanced support and added comfort for optimal relaxation.

Nine n Official

2. Zinus Ultra Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Photo: Zinus

Experience a refreshing night’s sleep with the Zinus Ultra Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress ($599).

This mattress is designed with dual cooling features: an ultra-cool fabric cover on the surface and an ultra-cooling gel within the BioFoam. These features enhance ventilation and optimise airflow, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep even on the warmest of nights.


3. Azure Cool Max Hybrid

Photo: Azure

The Azure Cool Max Hybrid ($399) offers a luxurious sleep experience with its 100% natural latex, ultra-cool cooling gel memory foam, and ice-cool silk fabric.

Its orthopaedic pressure-relief design promises a sleep experience akin to a luxury hotel stay. The mattress also features memory foam infused with copper, zero motion transfer technology, and individually pocketed springs for exceptional support.


4. TEMPUR® Mattress


Originally developed from NASA® space technology for cushioning astronauts during lift-off, the TEMPUR® material is not your average memory foam.

TEMPUR® ONE™ FIRM MATTRESS (from $3,199) is the perfect choice for those who prefer a firm mattress that still offers body-conforming benefits. It absorbs and distributes pressure while minimising motion transfer, ensuring a peaceful, undisturbed sleep.


5. King Koil

Photo: King Koil

King Koil mattresses, chiropractor-approved, ensure exceptional spine support.

A time-honoured brand, renowned since 1898 for its unmatched comfort and quality. With a unique 5-zone individual pocketed spring system that molds to your body for added support, and the Excellent Edge® High Resilience Foam Encasement, your sleep experience is elevated, and your spine is optimally supported. They offer diverse mattresses starting at $129 to suit various preferences.

King Koil

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