For new homeowners in Singapore seeking to transform their living spaces into personal sanctuaries, choosing the right interior designer is paramount. You may think that exploring a few Pinterest boards might be sufficient, but you’ll need a real professional to maximise the space in your new homes — from innovators who challenge design boundaries to professionals who seamlessly integrate form and function.

Whether you’re a new parent looking to create a family-friendly haven or simply seeking to refresh your living space, here are the 5 best interior designers in Singapore to consider for your homes.

1. Casa Interior Design

Photo: Casa Interior Design / Facebook

Casa Interior Design is a multi-award-winning interior design that proclaims to be the best HDB renovation in Singapore. Hence, if you’ve just received your keys to your new BTO homes, you might want to consult this firm.

You can directly get a quote for HDB Resale Flat or HDB BTO Flat, whichever one you have on hand. Simply go to their website, click on the respective buttons, submit your contact details, and let them do all the work. This interior design firm specialises in creating luxurious and contemporary spaces, as seen from their past projects. 

Casa Interior Design

Address: Oxley Bizhub 1, 61 Ubi Road 1 #03-22/26, Singapore 408727

2. Earth Interior Design

Photo: Earth Interior Design / Facebook

Founded on the principles of delivering exceptional value in interior design, Earth Interior Design goes the extra mile to ensure your space is not just beautiful but also a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

What sets them apart is their extensive experience and proven track record. As partners of S&E Corporation Pte Ltd, established since 2005 and a trusted vendor of DSTA, they have a history of handling prestigious clients like the Singapore Armed Forces and Singapore Air Force. This background instills confidence that your home is in capable hands.

On top of credentials, Earth Interior Design believes in tailoring each project to meet the unique needs and style preferences of their clients. From material selection to color infusion, their attention to detail ensures that your space is a testament to your taste and their design expertise. 

Earth Interior Design

Address: 289 Beach Road #01-01, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore 199552

3. Fifth Avenue Interior

Photo: Fifth Avenue Interior / Facebook

Fifth Avenue Interior, an up-and-coming Singaporean interior design firm with a youthful, dynamic team, is your answer to revitalising your living spaces without breaking the bank.

Their creative and experienced young professionals bring a fresh perspective to every project, offering comprehensive design services for homes, offices, and commercial properties. With a keen eye for the latest design trends, they excel in crafting both aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces, ensuring that stylish interiors are accessible to all, regardless of budget constraints.

Fifth Avenue Interior

Address: 81 Ubi Avenue 4, #01-11, UB. One, Singapore 408830

4. Space Atelier

Photo: Space Atelier / Facebook

Established in 2014, Space Atelier is an award-winning interior design company in Singapore, renowned for its commitment to tailoring solutions to each project’s unique needs and challenges.

Whether it’s your dream home or a commercial space, Space Atelier’s portfolio boasts a diverse range of projects, from residential HDBs and upscale condos to landed houses and commercial spaces. What sets Space Atelier apart is its dedication to involving homeowners in the design process. Rather than simply entrusting them, they encourage new homeowners to explore and define their unique style, ensuring that every space reflects the individuality, tastes, and lifestyle of its occupants. With an impressive list of interior design styles to explore on their website, Space Atelier empowers you to make your home truly yours, making it the ideal partner for modern parents looking to create a space that grows with their family.

Space Atelier

Address: 6 Harper Rd, #05-07 Leong Huat Building, Singapore 369674

5. Three-d Conceptwerke

Photo: Three-d Conceptwerke / Facebook

For new parents seeking to create inviting and functional living spaces in their new homes, Three-d Conceptwerke is your gateway.

With a focus on their philosophy of habitus living, this design powerhouse has been revolutionising interior architecture since 2006. Their dedicated community of design enthusiasts shares a passion for pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.

Habitus living is the art of constant improvisation, where practical mastery evolves over time, allowing individuals to adapt to new environments seamlessly. Three-d Conceptwerke embodies this philosophy by salvaging timeless items and reinventing them in form, color, or use to bestow renewed purpose within a new space.

Three-d Conceptwerke

Address: 5 Jln Klapa, Singapore 199317

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